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Outils personnels

LYCEE PRIVE SAINT JOSEPH De la 3ème au Bac+4Français

Erasmus + program

What is ERASMUS + ?

« The ERASMUS Programme owes its name to Erasme de Rotterdam ( 1465-1536 ) who was a philosopher, a theologian and a humanist. It is the first great European programme for Higher Education and it has been successfully developing since it was created in 1987. It is mainly aimed at students and teachers, but in 2007, it was open to other kinds of people. Nowadays, all French universities and most Higher Education establishments are part of it.

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Our Erasmus Strategy

ST JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL is situated at the heart of Europe next to the BELGIAN and the ENGLISH borders. It is willing to open to EUROPEAN and INTERNATIONAL projects by offering the intensive learning of ENGLISH, GERMAN and SPANISH and organizing a range of courses specializing in the preparation of TOIEC and CAMBRIDGE TESTS.

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Our Foreign Partners

Europe, USA, Canada, Saint Jo has for several years set up programs of cultural openness and preparation of students in the contexts of the international. Whether it is mobility of professors, students (alone or in groups) for cultural reasons or work placements, there are many opportunities.

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