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LYCEE PRIVE SAINT JOSEPH De la 3ème au Bac+4Français

Our Erasmus Strategy

ST JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL is situated at the heart of Europe next to the BELGIAN and the ENGLISH borders. It is willing to open to EUROPEAN and INTERNATIONAL projects by offering the intensive learning of ENGLISH, GERMAN and SPANISH and organizing a range of courses specializing in the preparation of TOIEC and CAMBRIDGE TESTS.

Inspired by international dynamism, our High School aims at favoring a better insertion of students on the European ans International job markets, because it represents a real asset on students’ CVs.

Among our four main work directions, the most important one can be defined in one sentence: “ I am open to the world and to citizenship”; as a result, we want to offer students the main skills concentrating on  getting a critical mind, learning international culture, opening to cultural diversity and commitment towards all members of the community.

Thus, The ERASMUS CHARTER  re-inforces our school project.


Our strategy of international openness  aims at creating a network of school partners to exchange with.  This proactive approach enables us to offer our students an operational practice of modern languages, the use of  up-to-date means of communication and an intercultural approach of the EUROPEAN  and  INTERNATIONAL  world.


Our objective is to include more new institutes into our network in order to  meet the growing demands of our students and  the regional  institutes, to increase the integration of tools and communication techniques, and to widespread our EUROPEAN  openness  which started  with the ERASMUS+  programme and with  EUROPASS in the future.


In order to avoid any barrier for mobility, and particularly those preventing the real acknowledgement of a stay abroad, our school will support and use  full equivalence academic recognition tools such as ECTS  and  EUROPASS.


The ERASMUS PROGRAMME represents an asset for international mobility and a quality label for our mobile students’ CVs, and that imprives their professional insertion.

For ST JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL, this represents a guarantee of performance and quality in our training offer.

Experiencing internships abroad at an international level increases our students’ professional skills and their technical  knowledge; furthermore, it enables them to broaden their know-how giving them more aspiration to keep on studying at university for BA or BS , and  Master levels.

Today, we want to design a clear framework  in the organization of all the steps required by the EUROPEAN and INTERNATIONAL  programmes , and the ERASMUS programme will offer the opportunity to  formalize our different commitments.


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