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LYCEE PRIVE SAINT JOSEPH De la 3ème au Bac+4Français

What is ERASMUS + ?

« The ERASMUS Programme owes its name to Erasme de Rotterdam ( 1465-1536 ) who was a philosopher, a theologian and a humanist. It is the first great European programme for Higher Education and it has been successfully developing since it was created in 1987. It is mainly aimed at students and teachers, but in 2007, it was open to other kinds of people. Nowadays, all French universities and most Higher Education establishments are part of it.


It is a European funding programme offering opportunities to develop mobility, to share skills among professionals and to take part in the construction of Europe.

Real examples:

+++ The exchange of students to favour meetings of young Europeans working on various tasks.

+++ The mobility of young people via internships abroad to develop cooperation  with professionals.

+++ The development of twinning to share experiences and innovating techniques between structures from different countries involved in education.

+++ The participation and  the framed  interaction to favour more debates between young people  and authorities upon serious and relevant topics.

ST JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL  was qualified by the EUROPEAN  AGENCY  to implement financial help  for mobility, by offering  EUROPEAN  grants.

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